In law, real properties have a title that is transferred from one person to another. This process is called conveyancing. Many solicitors and conveyancers conduct this process from a distance through online means or email. In some regions, such as the New South Wales, the conveyancing process has a 5-day cooling-off duration. This allows smooth transactions to be done on residential contracts.

Here are helpful things you need to understand about residential conveyancing services.

Conveyancing Process for Residential Properties

When selling or purchasing a residential property, you must follow the legal process. People who are not familiar with this process should consider help from a solicitor. Licensed professionals can act on behalf of clients who want to sell or buy a house. This will ensure both parties are satisfied with the process of buying or selling a property.

What Does Residential Conveyancing Process Entail?

When buying a residential property, it would be helpful if you follow the conveyancing process. In this case, you begin by providing initial instructions. Then, you can receive a drafted contract with all the required information. During the conveyancing process, you will have to search and investigate the titles of a residential property.

After investigations are completed, come up with a report and sign the draft. Once the signing of the draft is done, involved parties can exchange the contracts and end the conveyancing process when buying a house.

How Long Does Residential Conveyancing Process Take?

Depending on the prevailing circumstances, it might not be easy to estimate the duration of this process. However, in routine cases, the conveyancing of homes can take between ten and twelve weeks. Thus, people who want to buy properties should ensure the process is done quickly.


Owning a home is an excellent idea for everyone. However, people must adhere to the legal process. Besides, they need help from conveyancers if they want to sign a legal contract. Hence, own residential property for life.